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The Author

Anthony Smith-Chaigneau, is an ex military Telecomms engineer (15 years), now working in the TV technology industry for sports. He is an author, artist, iphonographer, blogger, marketing man, entrepreneur and husband and father to millennials and gen Zs.  Born in South Wales, UK in 1959, he moved to the European continent in 1991 but now resides in the USA. Having lived outside the UK for 15 years he was not allowed to vote in the Brexit referendum...It all ended badly  as Brexit and Covid saw the Boris meander and orange POTUS clatter around the social media halls  ... COVID 19 created a new raft of content and all of the anti-vaxers, deniers of medicine and conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork -  It all still plays out on the WWW.


Anthony is an empathetic, tuned-in to people kinda-guy, a man who believes in the values of relationship building, honesty and selflessness.  All of these values he sees fast disappearing in today’s narcissistic, psychopathic, selfish, dog-eat-dog human race.

Does he use social media #HELLYEAH. He also feeds 'The Beast,' but with what he believes is useful information, friendly banter , honest discussion and dialogue. He was early on LinkedIn (before there were a 1000 people) and he was quickly on Twitter. There is also the use of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest amongst others.  He doesn't Tik-Tok but perhaps he should ...

Other books by the author are:


  • Please Step Aside I am a Frequent Flyer (co-authored with Richard J. Smith) - didn't do well ... due to criticism on social media (how ironic)

  • Interactive Television Standards - A Guide to MHP, OCAP and Java TV (co-authored with Steve Morris) (technically rivetting if you are into interactive TV #lol) - Did so well it was pirated!

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