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   This book is NOT a 'How-To' of tips and techniques nor is it a social media marketing guide. Social Media Psychobabble exposes the amorphous world of social media, where the how-to phenomena added to its birth. It is a book that digs into the absurd, nonsensical social media psychobabble that the majority of this world has become.


   It reveals the mess, but strives to open dialogue amongst people and intends to educate - It is a wake-up call to the powers that can do something to regulate the trolls! The book looks at the history of the WWW, the how-to genre, social media tools, the gurus and the massive diatribe of drivel and imbecilic, valueless marketing that now fills masses of server farms worldwide. SMP rips open the happy-flappy veneer of the narcissistic, over-exuberant social media snake-oil sales people, exposing many for the charlatans they are, with their absurd claims of instant business success. It is by no means inclusive of all because the subject has grown to a Godzilla size problem.


   The book is full of examples showing how the on-line 'content-creation-runaway-train' is polluting the WWW (The Beast) with unmoderated, unmitigated garbage that is wreaking social and political havoc. Social media oft favours the stupid, the fake, the narcissists, the trolls, the bullies, the scammers, the terrorists and more. It shows how we stand by and allow 'The Beast' to stupidly pollute our youngest most malleable, susceptible minds with impunity.


If you are a parent, a teacher, a social worker who has young lives to protect and nurture you will want to know what is really going on in the belly of 'The Beast'. If you are working in or touting social media and are perhaps a runaway-content-creator then this book is certainly NOT for you but you and your ilk are most probably in it ... Enjoy!

Frank Kresen - Editor
Working with Anthony Smith-Chaigneau was an absolute pleasure. He is possessed of an extremely sharp wit and is not hesitant to skewer some sacred cows in the social media universe. I highly recommend his SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHOBABBLE: STOP FEEDING THE BEAST.

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