• Anthony Smith Chaigneau

How to Get Rich Quick The 2020 Version

In my book I have covered the very first (pre-Internet) 'Get Rich Quick Scheme.' It was a book sold by Joe Karbo entitled, 'The Lazy Man's Way to Riches.' That was first sold in 1973. Now it is 2020 and it has been resurrected in the form of 'Get Rich Influencers.' It is not one man it is many men (mostly men) who have made so much wealth that they want to share it with the rest of the world.

Here is the story by James Jani and his video starts with Tai Lopez (The beginning of Internet Online Gurus) - Worth understanding how the WWW is filled with toxic people doing seemingly innocent business offers. However it is so far from the truth. The young and naive are pulled in and become part of the cult. Watch the video here:


James Jani is a young fella who has my respect for his expo videos. They are well put together and he nails it nicely. Worth keeping an eye on his work.

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