• Anthony Smith Chaigneau

Will We Ever Act to Stamp This Out?

Yet another survey with the same end result! When will we learn that Social Media is a conduit for Bullying - What, really? You don't care I know ... because YOU think Social Media is GREAT! I have a message for you all - It is NOT great because it has infiltrated even the supposed highest educated echelons of our society. i.e. POTUS uses it to be trite, to bully and to humiliate! What an example! for our young and malleable minds.

Here is one of the latest headlines from the BBC - Social media firms 'failing' to tackle cyber-bullying here is the link: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43197937

#CyberBullying #SocialMedia #demiseofsociety #Children #troll #Sociopaths

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